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The Divan

The Divan consists of all officers, both elected and appointed, from Potentate through the Chaplain.

The officers of the Elected Divan constitute the Board of Directors of the Temple. The Board of Directors are responsible for the operation of all aspects of the organization.

The Appointed Divan

The Potentate will honor members of the Temple by appointing them to the following positions on the Appointed Divan.

1st Ceremonial Master - Timothy "Tim" Wilbur (Michelle)
2nd Ceremonial Master - Ronald Burch (Merry)
Director of Ceremonial Cast - Jerry Journeay, P.P. (Barbara)
Assistant Director of Ceremonial Cast - Frederick Kao (Anna)
Assistant Director of Ceremonial Cast - Gerald Woergoetter (Rosalie)
Director General - Roger "Rod" Hamilton, P.P.
Potentate's Personal Aide - Greg Glur (Eileen)
Potentate's Personal Aide - Earl "Doug" Hobson (Susan)
Potentate's Personal Aide-North - Kirby Bay (Nancy)
Captain of the Guard - Charles "Randy" Daniels (Cynthia)
Assistant Captain of the Guard - Richard "Rick" Hall, Jr. (Karen) Outer Guard - T Leavitt "Lev" Swalley (Rae Ann)

Assistant Outer Guards

Alan Anderson (Karen)
James Dean (Sharon)
  Rocky Gould (Janet)

Jack Helsby (Patti)
David Reed (Alice 'Jane')

Chaplain - Donald Spilman (Roxann)
Administrative Aide - Howard Roberts(Valerie)
Chief Recorder's Aide - James "Jim" Sloneker (Cindy)


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